How to be a Facebook Diva

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Life isn’t about how big or small you are, it’s about how much attention you can get.

If you have a diva dream and you are just in need of a few pointers, I have compiled a list of common traits of tiara worthy personalities on Facebook. These suggestions need not be limited to the femme fatale, they are perfectly poised for a gregarious gent as well.

  • Change your profile photo often
  • Make seemingly profound statements about nothing
  •  or about life, love, happiness, peace, religion or cats
  • Make these statements  often
  • Post cartoon graphics or photos with statements written on top of them like Hallmark or American Greetings type images i.e. to make them look like inspirational greeting cards
  • Make announcements of your whereabouts as if you are followed by the paparazzi
  • Post photos of yourself routinely
  • Don’t post too many photos of your friends and/or pets. You don’t want to draw any attention away from yourself
  • Make statements about what inspires you
  • Post about some tragic or difficult life experience you have gone through as though it is epic and people should worship you for it
  • Make sure that people know you ARE a positive person
  • “Like” your own comments and photos
  • Send friend invitations to anyone and everyone you cross paths with, whomever you ever knew from your past, and know in your present
  • Delete AND block anybody who says anything offensive about you

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