Psycho Sue

Pshcho Sue: Is HE ok?
Pshcho Sue: Are you guys together
Pshcho Sue: Just talked to him awhile ago and he was acting strange

I don’t think he is ok, but he’s saying he is great. I’m not physically with him now but we are together. I’m so confused. I swear I didn’t do anything.

Pshcho Sue: Should i try talking to him?

He talked to [his cousin]. I think just let him be. He needs rest & a break from work. & you & I have been stressing him out.

Pshcho Sue: I agree i have

It’s understandable & obvious how much you care. But you need to back off. I’m not going to hurt him.

Pshcho Sue: I wasnt trying to cause any drama

I know and he knows. I don’t think anybody has any hard feelings. Just exhaustion.

Pshcho Sue: my mother and i heading to see the show would you like to join us?

No thanks. I’m exhausted.

Please let me know how he is; I’m worried.

Pshcho Sue: He isnt answering texts or his phone, im not sure if we should go
Pshcho Sue: If you hear from let me know as well
Pshcho Sue: I hope i wasnt the one who upset him

I’d say give him space. But it’s not like you will be hanging out w/ him as he will be working.

I will let you know when I hear from him. He has been needing a vacation. You have been upsetting him, but you are not pivotal. You will be a lasting friend to him so don’t worry. He knows you care. It just hurts him when you say bad things @ me.

Pshcho Sue: I just talked to [his employee], he said he left awhile ago. Dont know where he went
Pshcho Sue: I know i think it is hard for me knowing he with someone now

I know. I’ve been trying to explain that to him. I’m sure it hurts. You prob had some hope in your heart & feel you will see/hear from him less. Not to mention losing the physical. I feel for you.

Pshcho Sue: I wouldnt be upset if you two did not work out, then maybe he and i could have a chance.

If I thought he wanted to be w/ you, I would back off in a heartbeat. All I ever want is for anybody to be happy, even if I am last.

Pshcho Sue: It is hard knowing he is with someone that doesnt have strong feelings for him, and my heart is breaking. I love the guy.

What are you talking about? I wouldn’t put myself through this emotional rollercoaster if I didn’t feel so strongly @ him.

Pshcho Sue: Im upset sorry
Pshcho Sue: Thank you for being nice to me, please just let me know if he is ok, i am a little worried

No problem. I do understand. I’m worried too. I certainly don’t know him like you do, but I think he’s acting rashly.

Pshcho Sue: He tries to hide his feelings, but he is not good at it.
Pshcho Sue: But the guy has a heart of gold

That’s for sure, on both counts.

Pshcho Sue: I know it has been hard form him with thee guy in your house. I know he is trying. Im surprised he made it this far.

Pshcho Sue: He must see something in you.

Did you see his FB post from 2 hrs ago? ‘On my way out of here’

Pshcho Sue: Yes, that was what i was talking about. He said he was leaving. When he and i last talked, he seemed upset. But acting as if he was ok

Pshcho Sue: Said he was going to a friend about a job?

He said he was leaving his job, selling his share of the company and booking a ticket to Ireland.

Pshcho Sue: I know a band offered him a job awhile back to go tour
Pshcho Sue: Dont remember which?

Pshcho Sue: I think that is what he might be talking about. We didnt talk long at all, told me he had to go.

Pshcho Sue: This was few hours ago

I just got a text from him. He said he’s @ the concert but he can’t talk now.

Pshcho Sue: Maybe he told Mat to say that to me, he didnt answer any of my texts.

He wasn’t responding to me either, but I don’t bother him during concerts. I know he is busy.

Pshcho Sue: He might be mad at me?
Pshcho Sue: I should give you two your space, i feel i might be part of the problem

I think he’s busy & stressed. I would agree w/ giving him space. But don’t think he doesn’t appreciate your friendship.

Pshcho Sue: I feel im causeing problems for you both.
Pshcho Sue: Thank you for listening to me

Relax. We both know how much you care @ him. He doesn’t realize how badly you want a relationship with him, so he hasn’t figured out that is why you are more likely to see potential problems w/ me & create turmoil. It’s human nature. I told him to be careful of your heart & watch out because you would be feeling jealous. I advised that you would subconsciously try to break us up. I told him it didn’t mean you were anything less than a wonderful person & just shows how strongly you feel for him. I understand completely & would hate to feel what you have been feeling.

Pshcho Sue: Strange
Pshcho Sue: He is dead


Pshcho Sue: Dead

You are not making sense. I saw him 4 hrs ago. Why would you say that, w/ no elaboration @ 4

Pshcho Sue: Sorry i was drinking, dont remember
Pshcho Sue: I hope things are ok between t
Pshcho Sue: he two of you
Pshcho Sue: He doesnt like having sex with you, said you are bad in the bedroom. But you can alway work on it.
Pshcho Sue: I am more attractive then you and im better in bed, i dont get it, you are ugly. What does he see in you? Every girl he has been with is
Pshcho Sue: Very attractive then there is you. I dont know what you have or what he see’s in you.
Pshcho Sue: i hope you both are happy with each other.
Pshcho Sue: And your handicap on top of everything else, no job, no income. i cant believe he is happy with you.
Pshcho Sue: But he seems to be
Pshcho Sue: Have you even seen pics of the other girls?
Pshcho Sue: I know you will mess it up with him.
Pshcho Sue: I know you will mess it up, and i will get my chance.
Pshcho Sue: It hurts because you look like a man, maybe he is gay?
Pshcho Sue: Do you have a penis? And your hair what is up with that
Pshcho Sue: Did he take you out in public?
Pshcho Sue: Ha look who is calling me now HIM
Pshcho Sue: Sorry
Pshcho Sue: Even your name is dumb
Pshcho Sue: Did you two break up?
Pshcho Sue: He has sad videos on his wall on fb?
Pshcho Sue: Could we get together and talk?
Pshcho Sue: im not that far fromw where you live

Yes, we broke up.

Pshcho Sue: I just told your husband your living with a guy.
Pshcho Sue: I know about your affair as well
Pshcho Sue: But i will not say anything because i do not know if that was true or not. And he never said your name.
Pshcho Sue: I also let him know you send dirty pictures to a number of men. But that is all i said or plan to say. I attached the ones you sent HIM
Pshcho Sue: I should of thanked you. We made good progess last night. He and I will be together I feel. Im sorry for getting upset with you.